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Kappa Pi Beta
Fraternity, Inc.

Gamma Chapter 


Kappa Pi Beta Fraternity is a premier Asian American-founded service and social fraternity dedicated to the needs of the community alongside a commitment of higher learning, the promotion of the traditional Asian values of respect and discipline, and the overall essence of unity among all people of different background.


Mission Statement

As a Brother of Kappa Pi Beta, I will strive hard to further the existence of this great fraternity. I will do my best to bring forth a bond of unity to all of my fellow Brothers that will stand the test of time. Along with the close relationships that are built, I pledge to promote academic excellence, brotherhood, cultural awareness, social mobility, philanthropy, gentlemen values, and respect towards the individual and community. Regardless of the letters I wear, what organizations I am in, or national origin, I will set the example that unity is the ultimate beginning of Brotherhood. I will use these attributes as development of my character and retain them even beyond my years of higher learning.


Charter Date



Founding Date


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